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Alexander Hafez PhD, MBA

President & CEO
Member of Board of Directors

Alexander Hafez is the Chief Executive Officer of Circular Genomics and is experienced in circular RNA research and innovating new gene-editing techniques to modulate circular RNA expression. Prior to founding Circular Genomics, he worked in life science research for over 10 years and was CEO of equine genetics company, EquiSeq Inc.


Nikolaos Mellios MD, PhD

Chief Scientist & Lead Inventor
Member of Board of Directors

Nikolaos Mellios is an Assistant Professor in the University of New Mexico Department of Neurosciences, where he is leading research on the role of circular RNAs in the control of molecular networks related to psychiatric and neurological disorders. Dr. Mellios was previously a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working on pioneering RNA neuroscience research.


Kosmas Karadimitriou, PhD

Advisor & Data Science Expert
Member of Board of Directors

Kosmas Karadimitriou is a Data Science expert and one of the early pioneers (since 1999) in the use of Machine Learning and Data Science to solve real-world problems, with 10 issued patents. His 25-year career spans R&D and leadership positions not only in research institutions such as NASA and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, but also key roles in successful startups such as ZoomInfo and KAYAK.


Board of Directors


Dave Bliven

Managing Director

Cottonwood Technology Fund


Waneta Tuttle, PhD

Managing Director

Tramway Venture Partners


Joe Cook, III

Managing Director
Mountain Group Partners

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Cathy Petti, MD

Founder & CEO
HealthSpring Global


Scientific Advisory Board


Director, Center of Experimental Drugs & Diagnostics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Roy Perlis, MD