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A New Era of Precision Psychiatry

Circular Genomics is a pioneer in precision medicine, leveraging circular RNA for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders.

By harnessing the innovative potential for circular RNAs as robust biomarkers for brain disorders, Circular Genomics is reshaping the patient-provider relationship in healthcare, elevating the precision of treatment strategies.

Our assay analyzes blood-based circular RNA biomarkers to predict a patient's response to SSRI antidepressants prior to treatment initiation. This expedites treatment and likelihood of recovery, empowering patients to make well-informed decisions about their health.

Precision Psychiatry

Circular RNA

Circular RNA

Renowned for their stability and neural tissue enrichment, circular RNAs are easily detectable in the blood, making them ideal biomarkers for enhancing brain disorder diagnosis and monitoring.

Circular RNAs offer a unique window into a patient's biological status. These biomarkers cross the blood-brain barrier, originating from the brain where they are highly enriched, and can be accessible through a simple blood test.


"In this mental health crisis, trial-and-error guides antidepressant treatments, but circular RNA is poised to redefine care."

Nikolaos Mellios 
Chief Scientific Officer

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