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Precision Diagnostics

Personalized Care

The Problem

Today, over fifty million people in the United States experience symptoms of depression. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, over 264 million individuals globally reported symptoms of depression, and in the United States, almost 20 million individuals suffered from depression. Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Depression symptoms are usually long-lasting and can cause the affected person to suffer greatly and function poorly at work, school, and in the family. These effects have a global economic cost of over USD 1 trillion in lost productivity. 

There are currently no reliable diagnostic or therapeutic assays for depression.

Image of woman sitting on a pier by the ocean by Paola Chaaya
UK lab scientist biotechnologist holding DNA vial

The Solution

Circular Genomics is currently developing the first diagnostic and therapeutic circular RNA-based genomic assay for depression. Circular RNAs can be stable and reliable biomarkers to provide personalized precision healthcare for individuals with psychiatric and neurological conditions. Our circular RNA Depression Assay will allow for an evidence-based approach for the treatment of depression  and will significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to achieve a therapeutic response in an individual patient. 

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