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Unlocking Precision in Mental Health

Circular Genomics is a precision medicine company that leverages cutting-edge technology and proprietary data to uncover insights for better health outcomes. Our focus is on discovering and developing circular RNA biomarkers, which are being developed to diagnose, monitor, and treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Through the use of precision medicine, our team of globally recognized neuroscientists and psychiatrists are striving to create a better understanding of mental health and neurology. We are committed to improving patient outcomes using our innovative technologies and data-driven approach.


Get to Know Us

Board of Directors
Photo of Dave Blivin.  Circular Genomics Board of Directors.

Dave Blivin

Managing Director

Cottonwood Technology Fund

Photo of Waneta Tuttle, PhD. Circular Genomics Board of Directors.

Waneta Tuttle, PhD

Managing Director

Tramway Venture Partners

Photo of Joe Cook III.  Circular Genomics Board of Directors.

Joe Cook, III

Managing Director
Mountain Group Partners


Ron Rocca

President & CEO

Mindera Health

Scientific Advisory Board
Photo of Roy Perlis, MD. Circular Genomics Scientific Advisor.

Director, Center of Experimental Drugs & Diagnostics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Roy Perlis, MD

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