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Unlocking Precision in Medicine
Circular Genomics Mission

Circular Genomics is a pioneer in precision
medicine, leveraging cutting-edge technology
and proprietary data to uncover insights for
personalized medicine.

We're dedicated to advancing circular RNA
biomarkers for accurate diagnosis and treatment
of psychiatric and neurological disorders, aiming
to empower individuals to gain deeper insights
into their mental health and discover optimal
treatment pathways.

Through the use of precision medicine, our team of globally recognized experts are striving to create a better understanding of mental health and neurology. We are committed to improving patient outcomes using our innovative technologies and data-driven approach.​

“Circular Genomics was founded in order to progress toward a more accurate, data driven, and personalized approach to mental health”

Kosmas Karadimitriou
Chief Information Officer

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Our Story

February 2021​

Circular Genomics founded by Nikolaos Mellios, Alexander Hafez and Kosmas Karadimitriou

August 2021​

Circular Genomics opens its first research and development lab in Albuquerque, NM​

January 2022​

Initiated ANTARES study, in collaboration with Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

February 2023​

Paul Sargeant brought on as industry experienced  President and CEO

January 2024​

Circular Genomics announces closing of a $8.3 Million Series A investment round

Our Story Timeline
Our Story Timeline
Our Story Timeline
Our Story Timeline
Our Story Timeline
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Our Story Timeline
Our Story Timeline

June 2021​

Scientific advisory board is established, consisting of world renowned psychiatric and neurological experts

December 2021​

Results of first depression clinical study suggest circular RNA can serve as reliable biomarkers for predicting antidepressant response​

July 2022

Results of EMBARC depression clinical study show implications of circular RNA research for antidepressant response

June 2023

Circular Genomics partners with Dr. Carlos Cruchaga for research of circular RNAs in Alzheimer’s disease ​

Paul Sargeant

President and Chief Executive Officer

Member of Board of Directors

Nikolaos Mellios

Chief Scientific Officer

Member of Board of Directors


Dave Karlander

Chief Commercial Officer



Chief Information Officer

Stephen McKernan

Chief Financial Officer

Vishi Srinivasan

Senior Director, Clinical Research

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Marketing Director

Greg Papageorgiou

Molecular Scientist
Lab Manager

Gabriella Maxson

Research Scientist

Danielle Pacheco

Accounting Assistant


Executive Assistant

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Board of Directors

Dave Blivin

Managing Director
Cottonwood Technology Fund

Scientific Advisory Board

Circular Genomics Scientific Advisory Board

Roy Perlis, MD

Director, Center of Experimental Drugs & Diagnostics, Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

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