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Changing How We Treat Patients

The Unmet Need of Individuals With Depression

Today, more than 90 million individuals in the United States will encounter depression symptoms at some point in their lives. These symptoms often persist, hindering their ability to function effectively at work or school and straining their relationships. 

The Unmet Need of Depression Pateints

The impact of depression extends beyond the individual, affecting our communities daily. Major depressive disorder stands as the leading global cause of disability and carries significant implications for the economy, businesses, and families. In the United States, over $30 billion is spent annually on treatments for major depressive disorder. 

For those grappling with depression, it can feel like an endless struggle, especially as most first-line therapies often fall short. Without a dependable method to gauge medication effectiveness, providers resort to a trial-and-error approach, prescribing medications and waiting to observe their patients’ responses. At Circular Genomics, we are eliminating this sub-optimal standard of care with a biomarker-based approach to psychiatric treatment.

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truly predictive of antidepressant response to therapy

“It's an unacceptable standard of care for first-line antidepressant therapies to fail 60% of the time. Circular Genomics is bringing to market tools that are truly predictive of antidepressant response to therapy to help these patients find the relief they need, ushering in the age of precision psychiatry.”

Paul Sargeant
President & Chief Executive Officer

Finding The Best Treatment For You

Circular Genomics is developing the first ever circular RNA based diagnostic test to help determine the likelihood a patient diagnosed with major depressive disorder will respond to SSRI antidepressant treatment. By starting with our reliable diagnostic test, patients can start a personalized and effective treatment plan in as little as one week. 

Circular Genomics Standard of Care

With the current standard of care, it can take over  twelve months before a patient starts responding to antidepressant treatment. Rather than the current trial-and-error method, our evidence-based approach will allow for physicians to know the likelihood of an individual patient's response to different classes of antidepressant treatment.

Current Standard of Care

Coming Soon!

We are releasing our first test for SSRI antidepressant response in 2024! 


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truly predictive of antidepressant response to therapy
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