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Vishi Srinivasan, PhD

Vishi Srinivasan is an accomplished leader in diagnostic and life sciences with over two decades of experience driving innovative product development. As a molecular biologist, he brings technical expertise to lead cross-functional teams in conceptualizing, designing, and commercializing in-vitro diagnostic assays and systems. Srinivasan has played pivotal roles in obtaining critical regulatory clearances for 

Vishi Srinivasan
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IVD products including CE marking and FDA 510(k) approvals by establishing quality systems and validation protocols. His passion lies in translating ideas from concept to cleared products that aid clinical decisions and improve patient outcomes.


Over his career, Srinivasan has successfully built high-performing, collaborative teams within both global biotech companies and startup environments that value science, innovation, and making a difference. He is recognized for bridging the gap between science and business needs to bring life-changing solutions to market efficiently. Srinivasan's combination of deep technical knowledge, leadership capabilities, and commitment to delivering impact make him a truly valuable leader in product development.

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