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Circular Genomics Announces Partnership on Alzheimer's Disease Biomarker Research

ALBUQUERQUE, NM., September 5, 2023 (Globe Newswire) -- Circular Genomics, the global leader in circular RNA biomarkers for precision psychiatry, has announced a partnership with leading Alzheimer's genomics expert Dr. Carlos Cruchaga to explore the role of circRNAs as blood biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. 

Circular Genomics Announces Ron Rocca as Board Member

ALBUQUERQUE, NM., August 17,2023 (Globe Newswire) -- Circular Genomics, the global leader in circular RNA biomarkers for precision psychiatry, has announced the expansion of its board of directors with the addition of Mr. Ron Rocca.

Circular Genomics Readying to Launch Zoloft Response Diagnostic Based on Circular RNA Biomarker

NEW YORK, NY., July 27, 2023 (GenomeWeb) -- Molecular diagnostics startup Circular Genomics has identified a new biomarker that can predict which patients are likely to respond to Pfizer's antidepressant Zoloft (Sertraline). 

Circular Genomics Announces Two Significant Steps Forward in Linking CircRNA to the Detection, Therapy Selection and Monitoring of Depressive Conditions

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., July 11, 2023 (Globe Newswire) --  Circular Genomics, the leader in the use of circular RNA (circRNA) biomarkers for precision psychiatry, today announced the results of a new study that shows circRNAs can be used to predict with high accuracy a patient's response to the SSRI, Sertraline, one of the most common treatments for clinical depression.

Circular Genomics Sees More Direct PGx Assay Through Brain-Derived Circular RNA

NEW YORK, NY., June 05, 2023 (GenomeWeb) -- Molecular diagnostics startup Circular Genomics sees a more direct way to predict patient response to psychiatric medications by analyzing circular RNA (circRNA) molecules that brain cells shed into the bloodstream.

Precision Medicine in Mental Health Company, Circular Genomics, Appoints, Dr. Paul Sargeant as Chief Executive Officer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 27, 2023 (PRNewswire) -- Circular Genomics, the leading company in developing circular RNA-based precision medicine tools, data and diagnostics for neurology and psychiatry, has appointed Paul Sargeant, PhD, to serve as Chief Executive Officer. 

Circular Genomics uses RNA to stop depression meds being a guessing game

October 18, 2022 (TechCrunch) -- For many people who live with depression, medication is an important part of managing the condition. But knowing which will work for you can be a difficult months-long process. Circular Genomics claims its new form of genetic testing can identify which medications will work for a patient in a fraction of that time.

Circular Genomics Closes $4.5M Series Seed Investment

December 14, 2021 – Circular Genomics, an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based circRNA company, is pleased to announce the closing of their $4.5M Series Seed investment round. The round was co-led by Cottonwood Technology Fund III and Tramway Venture Partners along with Mountain Group Partners. Other participants in the round include several individual investors.

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